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About the Company

OOO “Neftegazgeofizika” is one of the leading Russian scientific and technical centers in the area of geophysical survey and control of oil and gas wells.

Main spheres of scientific and technical activity:

  • theory, methods and technologies for oil and gas well logging;
  • rendering of logging services and logging data interpretation.

Facilities of the Company provide for:

  • tools physical and mathematical modeling at the design stage;
  • development of design documentation required for mass production;
  • production facilities for tools and equipment manufacturing;
  • required metrological and test equipment;
  • rendering of advanced logging technologies services;
  • geological and geophysical interpretation of logs obtained on difficult geological objects.

OOO “Neftegazgeofizika” employs leading Russian specialists – creators of downhole logging tools, methods and technologies used all over Russia and countries of the Former Soviet Union: electric, electromagnetic, acoustic, radioactive and nuclear magnetic resonance logging, downhole logging data computer processing and interpretation.

More than 200 employees of OOO “Neftegazgeofizika” have higher education, and among them there are 24 employees with Candidate of Science degree and 8 employees with Doctor of Science degree. 

The customers of the equipment developed by OOO “Neftegazgeofizika” LLC are both leading Russian geophysical companies (trust “Surgutneftegeofizica”, JSC “Kogalymneftegeofizika”, JSC “Rossiyskaya Geophysicheskaya kompaniya”, JSC “Gazpromgeofizika”, JSC “Komineftegazgeofizika”, ZAO PGO “Tyumenpromgeophysika” etc.) and companies of the USA, China, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam etc.

The computerized technologies developed in OOO “Neftegazgeofizika”  are certified and correspondto international standards. The tools and equipment manufactured by OOO “Neftegazgeofizika” have all required licenses granted by the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing of the Russian Federation.

Due to the vast variety of the produced tools and equipment and great experience in logging technologies application our Company meets all requirements of the Customer from separate tools delivery to turnkey logging technologies provision.

A very important sphere of our activity is rendering logging services according to unique technologies of downhole logging:

  • superdeep well logging;
  • nuclear magnetic resonance logging in a strong magnetic field;
  • current oil-saturation determination using C/O logging;
  • waveform acoustic logging.


Sincerely Yours,
Khamatdinov R.T.
Director General,
Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.