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About the Company

About the Company

Neftegazgeofizika, OOO (Limited Liability Company) is one of the leading Russian scientific and technical centres in the field of development of technologies for geophysical survey and control of oil and gas wells (oil and gas well logging).

The main areas of scientific and technical activity are:

  • theory, methods and technologies for oil and gas well logging;
  • well logging services and log data interpretation services.

Infrastructure of the Company ensures the following:

  • physical and mathematical modeling of tools at the design stage;
  • preparation of engineering documentation required for serial production;
  • production facilities for manufacturing tools and equipment;
  • necessary metrological (calibration) and test equipment;
  • provision of services using new logging technologies;
  • geological and geophysical interpretation of log data for complicated geological objects.·         

OOO Neftegazgeofizika employs leading Russian specialists – creators of logging tools, methods and technologies used all over Russia and countries of the Former Soviet Union: electric, electromagnetic, acoustic, radioactive, and nuclear magnetic resonance logging as well as log data processing and interpretation.

More than 200 employees of OOO Neftegazgeofizika have higher education, and among them there are 25 employees with Candidate of Science degree and 6 employees with Doctor of Science degree. 

The customers of the equipment developed by OOO Neftegazgeofizika are leading Russian geophysical companies such as OAO Kogalymneftegeofizika, OOO KogalymNIPIneft, OOO Geofizservis (Integra Group), AO NPTs Nedra (Rosgeo), AO Kaliningradgeofizika (Rosgeo), AO Volgogradneftegeofizika (Rosgeo), OAO Nizhnevartovskneftegeofizika (Rosgeo), OOO TNG-Group, AO Bashneftegeofizika, AO Yamalpromgeofizika, OOO Uraineftegeofizika, AO Komineftegeofizika, OOO PITTs Geofizika, OOO Weatherford, AO PGO Tyumenpromgeofizika, OOO SevKavneftegazgeofizika, OOO Leninsk-Kuznetskaya geofizicheskaya partiya, OOO Yuganskneftegazgeofizika.

The foreign partners and clients of OOO Neftegazgeofizika are the following companies: TOO Techno Trading LTD, Limited Liability Partnership (Kazakhstan), TOO NPP UralNefteGazServis, Limited Liability Partnership (Kazakhstan), TOO CentrPromGeofizika, Limited Liability Partnership (Kazakhstan), Turkmennebitgeofizika Department of Turkmenneft State Concern (Turkmenistan), Belorusneft State Production Association (Belarus), Vietsovpetro (Vietnam), Hong Kong Oilgas Limited (China), Precision Energy Services, Inc. (Canada, USA).

Computerized technologies developed by OOO Neftegazgeofizika are certified and correspond to world standards. The equipment and tools have all required licenses issued by The Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing.

A wide variety of available tools and equipment as well as considerable experience in applying various logging technologies ensure that the Company is able to meet all customers’ requirements, ranging from the delivery of a single tool to the performance of well logging operations on a turn-key basis.

A very important direction of our activity is providing logging services using the following unique technologies:

  • superdeep well logging;
  • nuclear magnetic resonance logging in a strong magnetic field;
  • current oil saturation determination using C/O logging;
  • full-waveform acoustic logging.

Sincerely Yours,
Khamatdinov R.T.
Director General,
Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.