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Surface recording complex "Kaskad"


Portable version of NRK “КАSКАD”      


Specialized version of NRК “КАSКАD”  


Modular hardware for well logging with universalized telemetry communication line Kaskad

The system of modular hardware Kaskad is designed for downhole logging of exploratory and production wells drilled for oil and gas. The system MAGISTR provides for compulsory well logging that solves geological tasks during general and detailed studies of core wells, prospecting, development test, exploratory and production wells as per "The rules of downhole logging and works in oil and gas wells". Kaskad  system enhances operations efficiency and data reliability due to simultaneous measuring by different logging methods.

Наземный регистрирующий комплекс 'Каскад'     Main advantages of Kaskad modular hardware:
 unified power supply of downhole tools - 50 Hz, 220 V;
 unified digital telemetry with surface recording equipment – telemetry that uses "Manchester-II" code (MIL-STD-1553B standard and GOST B 24394-80 (state standard)) in "request-answer" mode with information rate of 21.333 Kbit/sec.;
 unified 7-conductor intermodule interface that provides for downhole tools operation when in stacks;
 actuators unified control.

Kaskad system has corresponding metrological and methodical provision.

The system includes:
technological tool;
active casing collar locator;
gamma-ray logging tool;
gamma-ray spectrometry tool;
combinable radioactive logging tool;
compensated acoustic logging tool;
formation density gamma-gamma logging tool;
litho-density gamma-gamma logging tool;
four-sonde induction logging tool;
dual laterolog tool;
caliper and profiler;
micromethods and microlaterolog tool;
ferromagnetic inclinometer.