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Acoustic logging slim tool AK-42 PM

AK-42 PM

The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature T max and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax :
  by temperature: 120°C,
  by pressure: 80 MPa.

Designed to measure parameters of elastic oscillations propagation recorded in wavetrains first arrivals: compressional wave and wave along the casing string, shear wave slowness in high-velocity section.

Used for open and cased holes filled with water- or oil-base mud. The tool operates with a three-conductor logging cable up to 8000 m long.

 determination of rocks porosity factor in open holes;
 casing string cementing evaluation.

The measuring sonde contains one transmitter and two receivers of elastic oscillations; the spacing is located between the receivers; the transmitter and the receivers are divided by acoustic insulators with high lateral stiffness. The transmitter is piston and magnetostrictive with basic frequency of 20 kHz. The receivers are piezoceramic spheres with diameter of 20 mm and natural frequency of 90 kHz. The sonde formula is R20,5R11,0T.

Measurement of compressional wave parameters:
Wave traveltime:
attenuation factor
Measurement of wave along the casing string parameters:
Amplitude attenuation of:
short sonde wave
long sonde wave
attenuation factor

0÷500 msec/m
0÷20 dB/m 
20÷30 dB/m 

0÷45 dB
0÷45 dB
0÷20 dB/m 
20÷30 dB/m 

±5 msec/m
±3 dB/m 
±6 dB/m 

±5 dB
±5 dB
±3 dB/m 
±6 dB/m 

Tool length, mm 3500 not more than
Tool diameter, mm 43 not more than
Tool weight, kg 22 not more than
Power supply
supply voltage, V
frequency, Hz
Borehole diameter, mm 64÷146  
Logging speed, m/hr
Records frequency, pollings per 1 m 5  
Combinability feed-through  
Location in the borehole must be centralized