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Dual laterolog memory tool 2BK3/5-A


The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature T max and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax :
  T max =90 °C, Pmax= 80 MPa;
  T max =120 °C, Pmax= 80 MPa;
Designed for electric logging (without usage of logging cable) by the complex of two laterolog sondes with different depth of penetration, self-polarization potential (SP) and its first derivative (DSP).

Used for logging of nearly horizontal and horizontal sections of open oil and gas holes filled with water-base mud with resistivity of 0,03÷20 Ohm·m.  

 identification of electrically homogeneous formations and formations with invaded zone, invasion type identification;
  determination of competent part of the formation and flushed zone resistivity, and invaded zone depth estimation;
 permeable intervals identification, saturation character and oil and gas saturation evaluation.

Dual laterolog measuring equipment contains five rigidly connected insulated electrodes and a rigid insulator with three electrodes.  Electrode switching and power supply arrangement provides for ρa measurement by three-electrode (LL-3) and five-electrode (LL-5) lateral sondes and also SP and its first derivative DSP measurements.

Measured parameters Measurement range Error
Sonde Channel Range Sonde

Relative basic error δ0 mk, %,

for ρa of LL-3 sonde

0.2     ±20.0
5.0    ±8.0
50    ±5.0
500    ±5.0
5000    ±5.0

LL-3 LLI3 0.05÷80 mA 0.2÷5000 Ohm·m
LLU3 5÷18000 mV
LL-5 LLI5 0.05÷80 mA 0.2÷5000 Ohm·m
LLU5 5÷18000 mV
SP SP 0.1÷1375 mV -
DSP DSP 0.1÷1375 mV -

 General specifications
Tool length, mm 10220 not more than
Tool diameter, mm 90 not more than
Tool weight, kg 300 not more than
Power supply, self-contained, V 12  
Ambient operating temperature range, °C from -10 to +120 not more than
Max operating pressure, MPa 80 not more than
Borehole diameter, mm 120÷300  
Logging speed, m/ hr 1500  
Operating time in memory mode,  hours in record mode 8 not less than
Records frequency, pollings per sec 2  
Location on the drilling tool