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Induction logging memory tool 4IК-А

  The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature Tmax and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax:
  T max =90 °С, Pmax= 80 MPа;
  T max =90 °С, Pmax= 120 MPа;

Designed for induction logging (without usage of logging cable) using 4 sondes that have different depth of penetration with simultaneous recording of apparent conductivity active and reactive components for every sonde. Self-polarization curve (SP) is also recorded. 

Used for logging of nearly horizontal and horizontal sections of open oil and gas holes filled with any fluid without magnetic additive compounds, with nominal diameter up to 350 mm.  

 identification of electrically homogeneous formations and formations with invaded zone, invasion type identification;
 determination of competent part of the formation and flushed zone resistivity, and invaded zone depth estimation;
 longitudinal resistivity determination and evaluation of vertical anisotropy factor of impermeable formations and formations with shallow invaded zone in horizontal wells;
 permeable intervals identification, saturation character and oil and gas saturation evaluation. 

4IK-45А tool contains four three-coil IL sondes – 3I0.3, 3I0.5, 3I0.85, 3I1.26. All sondes of the complex have common receiving coil, common measuring channel and work at the same frequency of 100 kHz. The bottom head of the downhole tool is SP electrode measured relatively to a drill stem.

Measured parameters Measurement range Basic error
Sonde Channel σa, mCm/m ρa, Ohm·m ±(0.03×σa+1 mCm/m)
3I0.3 active 3÷2000 0.3÷300
reactive 3÷1500 0.3÷15
3I0.5 active 3÷1500 0.3÷300
reactive 3÷1500 0.3÷20
3I0.85 active 3÷1000 0.3÷300
reactive 3÷1000 0.3÷30
3I1.26 active 3÷500 0.6÷300
reactive 3÷1000 0.3÷35

 General specifications
Tool length, mm 4500 not more than
Tool diameter, mm 45 not more than
Tool weight, kg 20 not more than
Power supply, self-contained, V 12  
Ambient operating temperature range, °С from -10 to +120 not more than
Маx operating pressure, МPа 90 not more than
Borehole diameter, mm 120÷400  
Logging speed, m/ hr 800  
Operating time in memory mode,  hours in record mode 8 not less than
Records frequency, pollings per sec 1  
Location in the fiber-glass container