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Neutron-neutron logging memory tool APRK-NNK


The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature T max and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax:
  T max =90 °C, Pmax= 80 MPa;
  T max =120 °C, Pmax= 80 MPa;
Designed for well logging (without usage of logging cable) by compensated three-sonde neutron-neutron thermal logging (3NNL) and rocks natural activity gamma-ray logging with two independent detectors (2GR). 

Used for logging of nearly horizontal and horizontal sections of oil and gas wells filled with oil- and water-base mud with NaCl compound up to 300 g/l.  

 well sections and lithological changes correlation;
 detailed lithological identification;
 identification of gas-bearing formations, gas-liquid and oil-water contacts;
 gas saturation factor estimation. 

The tool is designed for work with plutonium-beryllium neutron source of type IBN-8-5 with neutron flux from 5×106  to 2×107  sec-1. The measuring equipment contains a chamber for plutonium-beryllium neutron source. Neutron detectors – helium detectors of type SNM.


  General specifications
Tool length, mm 3720 not more than
Tool diameter, mm 90 not more than
Tool weight, kg 120 not more than
Power supply, self-contained, V 12  
Ambient operating temperature range, °C from -10 to +120 not more than
Max operating pressure, MPa 80 not more than
Borehole diameter, mm 120÷400  
Logging speed, m/ hr 800  
Operating time in memory mode,  hours in record mode 10 not less than
Records frequency, pollings per sec 2  
Location on the drilling tool