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Nuclear magnetic tomography logging (NMTL)

Nuclear magnetic tomography logging (NMTL)

It is patented in Russia, the USA, Germany, Canada, Norway, Mexico, Great Britain. Russian Federation Patent No2181901 

Designed for determination of pore space structure, reservoir properties, compound and properties of fluids based on measurement and processing of relaxation curve (Т2) of fluids filling the pore space


Used for open vertical and slightly deviated (up to 27°) wells while round trip wireline operations; for cased well bores of special design with fibre-glass liners; it can be used in holes with drift diameter not less than 170 mm and open hole nominal diameter from 190 to 290 mm. Mud is non-conducting and conducting (with resistivity more than 0.03 Оhm·m) without additions of magnetic minerals based (haematite and others) weighting materials. Type of the used cable – three-conductor and seven-conductor cable.


 study of pore space structure of sedimentary, magmatic, metamorphic rocks including porosity distribution evaluation according to pores sizes and thereupon reservoir properties analysis;

 study of residual fluid presence, compound and properties in the investigated zone.