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Borehole acoustic imager (scanner) AST

АСТ The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature T max and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax:
  by temperature: 120°С,
 by pressure: 80 МPа.

Tool code: AST-K-80-Tmax/Pmax

DESIGNED for borehole wall imaging, casing inner diameter and thickness measuring, cement bond evaluation.

USED in open and holes cased with a steel casing and filled with oil- and water-base mud.

casing technical control;
formation fracturing identification.

Borehole inner radius 55÷120 mm ±0.4 mm
Casing thickness 6.5÷10 мм ±0.2 mm
Bonding between cement stone and casing 0÷1  

Tool length, mm 2500 not more
Tool max diameter (without centralizers), mm 80 not more
Tool weight, kg 70 not more
Tool power supply:
Supply voltage, V
Supply frequency, Hz


Ambient operating temperature, °С 120  
Max operating pressure, MPa 80  
Borehole diameter, mm 110÷240  
Logging speed, m/hr 125 m/hr at the sampling rate of 10 cm
250 m/hr at the sampling rate of 20 cm
Records frequency per 1 rotation
32 or 128 waveforms
Combinability bottom  
Location in the borehole centralized